Practice Update Statement:

Revolution Psychotherapy currently offers telemental health sessions for both individual and groups, only. At this time, there is a new client waitlist until June 2023! If you’d like to place your name on the waitlist please contact:

Thank you for visiting! If you are visiting this site you are most likely seeking some type of growth or healing in your own personal life. As the founder of Revolution Psychotherapy, I recognize it takes strength and a lot of nerve to work up the courage to reach out for support — that the path to mental wellness is truly an act of the Revolution! Be proud of yourself for taking this big step!

It is my hope that you find the information on this site beneficial to your path to wellness, empowerment and hope!

My approach to psychotherapy is based on the “personal as political” and the belief in the connection between personal experiences and social justice issues. I blend my training in the evidenced-based treatment of Dialectical Behavior Therapy with the brain and body based psychotherapy of Brainspotting to support clients in their journey toward identity development and cultivating their voice.

I work collaboratively with my clients to cultivate understanding of their own experiences, explore their identity and feel empowered to seek meaning and worth in their lives. I enjoy working with adults who are struggling with issues related to Borderline Personality Disorder, trauma, self-esteem and self-confidence concerns, communication, mood disorders, anxiety management, sexual orientation and gender identity development. My passion is in working with women, Black Americans, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

I trust the power of acceptance and genuineness, and I believe that when we are true to self, growth and healing can naturally occur. I live by the principle of authenticity and honesty, which means I communicate in a thoughtful, direct and transparent way, while being non-judgmental, compassionate and empathetic.

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